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Apply for a King’s Award for Voluntary Service

The MBE for Volunteer Groups

Shropshire’s army of volunteers make a difference day in and day out to the lives of those who need support, and their efforts deserve to be recognised.

Volunteers act from the heart, without demanding praise or anything in return and as a community we owe them a debt of gratitude for the excellent work that they do.

The King’s Award for Voluntary Service is the highest-level award to honour grassroots volunteers, shining a light on the example they set.

Receiving thanks from the highest level will help to boost the morale of those often working in challenging circumstances for the greater good. The award is an excellent way of highlighting the work that a charity does – and to help promote that work.


King’s Award for Voluntary Service workshops 2024

The Lieutenancy are running  workshops for the King’s Award for Voluntary Service – Please click here for further details.



South Shropshire Engineering Ambassadors
South Shropshire Engineering Ambassadors receive The Kings Award for Voluntary Service 2023 from the Princess Royal

Who can receive a King's Award for Voluntary Service?

The award aims to honour volunteers working in groups of two or more within their local community.

At least half of the group must be volunteers with the right to live in the United Kingdom, and the organisation must have been operating successfully for at least three years.

It is important that the volunteer group is locally run and respected, providing a necessary service within the local community.

The award recognises a wide range of volunteer activities that bring something to their community, such as cafes to help combat isolation in the elderly, clubs that teach young people new skills, organisations that preserve local heritage, or clubs that support families coping with illness.

In the past 20 years, 67 Voluntary Service Awards have been handed out to successful organisations in Shropshire, please click here to see the full list 


Making a nomination for a King's Award for Voluntary Service

Nominations must be made by someone who has a strong knowledge of the group, but is not a part of the organisation.

Nominations must be made online through the King’s Award for Voluntary Service Website between April and September and will be announced the following year.

To stand the strongest chance of success, submissions must include as much specific detail as possible, including what impact the group has within the community, and exactly how it makes a difference to the local area or the people living there. 

Be sure to include comprehensive background information about the group and the roles of its volunteers. Successful applicants will receive a certificate and trophy from The Queen and may be invited to a Royal Garden Party.

Volunteers are ambassadors for good within the local community and it is vital that we support and highlight their work.

If you need any advice on completing a nomination form, please contact the Shropshire Lieutenancy.

Shropshire Child Contact Centres
Shropshire Child Contact Centres receive The King's Award for Voluntary Service 2023 from the Princess Royal