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Helping you

Recognising remarkable achievements

One of Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant for Shropshire’s most important roles is making the The Queen aware of individuals and organisations that are worthy of Royal recognition.

This could include helping to recognise the remarkable achievements of your business with a Royal visit, or requesting a message from The Queen to mark a 100th birthday.

If you know of someone exceptional and think they are worthy of an honour, the Lord-Lieutenant can explain the process to follow.

Acting as The Queen’s representative, the Lord-Lieutenant is proud to attend events across the county to promote and reward achievements.

New Year Honours 2022 Shropshire, BEM presentation
New Year Honours 2022 Shropshire, BEM presentation
BEM Presentation Mandy Medlyn
Mandy Medlyn, Manager Red House Community Centre in Albrighton

Nominate Someone for an Honour

The honours system recognises individuals who go above and beyond what is expected to serve their community or their country. 

Perhaps you know someone who deserves recognition and ought to be nominated for an honour?

Request a Royal Visit

The Royal Family works hard to promote and reward achievements in communities across the country and Shropshire is no exception. 

If you have an achievement in your business or organisation that you would like to see celebrated with a Royal visit, the best way to process this is through the Lord-Lieutenancy office. 

HRH The Princess Royal Opening Cavalier Centre
HRH The Princess Royal at the opening of the Cavalier Centre
The Shropshire Lord-Lieutenant, Anna Turner at The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital
Lord-Lieutenant Anna Turner, Victoria Sugden, Gill Cripps and Rachel Lindop at The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital, Gobowen, Oswestry

Request Attendance by the Lord-Lieutenant

The Shropshire Lieutenancy is delighted to be an active and involved part of the community; attending events, ceremonies, and official visits to help promote and celebrate local achievements. 

Get in touch to find out how you can spotlight an achievement that deserves acknowledgement.

Messages from The Queen

There is a special pride in receiving a message directly from The Queen to mark reaching a milestone in life. 


Make sure that your loved one doesn’t miss out, with the help of the Lord-Lieutenant for Shropshire. 

Second World War veteran Fred Holding celebrated his 100th birthday with a card from the Queen
Second World War veteran Fred Holding celebrated his 100th birthday with a card from The Queen. Photo: The Shropshire Star
Anna Turner and Bjoern Klass (European VP and MD for Protolabs
Telford's Protolabs presented with the Queen's Award for International Trade by the Lord-Lieutenant Anna Turner

Queen’s Awards

As the highest awards attainable, The Queen’s Award for Enterprise and The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service are badges of honour for local businesses and organisations.

These awards can also deliver a number of benefits – maybe you know a business or organisation that deserves recognition?

Garden Party

Royal Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace are a way to celebrate all that is great and good in the country.

Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant for Shropshire is asked to nominate deserving guests each year from across the county. Perhaps there’s someone you know of who ought to be considered for this opportunity.

SFYFC at a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace
Rebecca Green and Ed Potter representing Shropshire Federation of Young Farmers at a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace