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View over the Shropshire Hills

Role and Responsibilities

Every day is different for a Lord-Lieutenant

His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire is appointed first and foremost as the Monarch’s representative for the county.

The duties of the Lord-Lieutenant

Duties involve upholding the dignity of the Crown, attending events, and helping to connect the community to the work of the Monarch in recognising and rewarding achievements across Shropshire.

The Lord-Lieutenant endeavours to encourage and inspire goodwill and positivity across Shropshire by supporting businesses, organisations and individuals who display excellence and dedication to improve the community, county and the country.

The Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadets in Shropshire
HRH The Princess Royal at the Cavalier Centre for the presentation of the 2023 KAVS Awards
HRH The Princess Royal at the Cavalier Centre for the presentation of the 2023 KAVS Awards

Royal Visits

When a member of the Royal Family makes a visit to Shropshire, they will be accompanied by the Lord-Lieutenant, who also takes a lead role in arranging the visit to meet the expectations of everyone involved.

This includes helping local organisations issue an invitation for a Royal visit where appropriate. The Lord-Lieutenant is personally passionate about highlighting the good work that takes place across Shropshire, and will offer guidance to companies and charities seeking to highlight achievements that they believe are worthy of a royal visit.

Honours and awards

Lord-Lieutenants frequently make presentations of awards and medals on behalf of the Monarch, including the King’s Award for Enterprise and the King’s Award for Voluntary Service. 

It is the Lord-Lieutenant’s aim to promote the excellent work that takes place within Shropshire, shining a brighter light on these endeavours by supporting charities and businesses in applying for Queen’s awards.

The Lord-Lieutenant also works to promote the Honours system and to help people within the community gain the recognition they deserve.

Grainger & Worrall QAE Presentation
Grainger & Worrall QAE Presentation
Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire Anna Turner at RAF Shawbury - Mar 2019

Events and Ceremonies

Upholding the privilege of representing The King, the Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire has the honour of attending events, ceremonies and engagements as a royal representative.

The Lord-Lieutenant plays a key part in supporting and highlighting major community events, civic ceremonies, military ceremonies and social activities. 

Showing support for community events is the essence of upholding and promoting positivity within the community and fostering a wider sense of engagement.  

Supporting military services

The role of Lord-Lieutenant is historically tied to the military. While the position may have come a long way from running local militia units in the 1500s, supporting the Armed Forces is still a key responsibility.

Lord-Lieutenants act as liaisons with military services and demonstrate support at all times.

Court room

Local judiciary

There is a strong link between the lieutenancy office and the local justice system. The Lord-Lieutenant usually takes on the role of Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Justices of the Peace, working alongside the Ministry of Justice. 

Many Lord-Lieutenants, including the current holder of the position, His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire Mrs Anna Turner, have previously served as magistrates in the local court system.

Supporting the community

By offering support and helping to recognise achievements in the community, the Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire aims to help celebrate businesses, culture, heritage and charities throughout the county. Working to inspire innovation and excellence is a good way to help the community to meet challenges together.

The position of Lord-Lieutenant is a voluntary, unpaid and non-political appointment that is held until the person reaches the age of 75. As part of their duties, the Lord-Lieutenant appoints a Vice Lord-Lieutenant and Deputy Lieutenants to assist in fulfilling the role.

To find out how the Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire can help to support your organisation please get in touch with the Clerk to the Lieutenancy.