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View over the Shropshire Hills

High Sheriff

High Sheriff of Shropshire, Selina Graham
High Sheriff of Shropshire, Selina Graham

Supporting the work of judiciary and emergency services

A new person is appointed to the position of High Sheriff of Shropshire each year. They work to support the services and institutions that give the county structure and cohesion.

The current High Sheriff of Shropshire is  Selina Graham, who will hold the position for 12 months from April 8th 2022.

What does the High Sheriff do?

The High Sheriff is a voluntary non-political role, which is seen as particularly important when it comes to working to improve social outcomes with support from across the board.


The High Sheriff works primarily to support the work of the local judiciary and the emergency services within their county. This also involves working with the local authority, charities, and faith organisations to maintain strong community foundations.

How can the High Sheriff help within the community?

By identifying any challenges within the local area, the High Sheriff will use their time in office to try to deliver change with the support of police, legal teams, local councils, and charities involved in social support.