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Deputy Lieutenant Visit Protocol

Guidance for receiving the Deputy Lieutenant

There will be many occasions where one of Shropshire’s Deputy Lieutenants steps up to attend events on behalf of the Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire. At these times they should be afforded the same respect as a member of the Royal Family.


Established etiquette

The Deputy Lieutenant will be given precedence over all other guests when no member of the Royal Family is present. This applies to all official ceremonies, such as awards events and official processions.


The Deputy Lieutenant should always be greeted by a designated person, often the host, and it is expected that they will remain accompanied for the duration of the event.


Accepted protocol sees the Deputy Lieutenant arrive shortly after other guests and they should take their seat last.

Deputy Lieutenant Jenny Wynn
Church in Ludlow Shropshire

Church services

The Deputy Lieutenant should be the last person to enter and take their seat at an official church service, just ahead of the clergy. They would expect to be seated on the front row of the church. It is custom for the Deputy Lieutenant to exit the church before other guests, and immediately after the clergy, following the service.


When a Deputy Lieutenant attends a funeral, they should be seated at the front of the church, but opposite family members. At a funeral service the Deputy Lieutenant should leave directly after the family.

Addressing a Deputy Lieutenant of Shropshire

Correct etiquette when addressing a Deputy Lieutenant is as follows:

On introduction: Deputy Lieutenant (followed by their name)

In writing: By name

Salutation: Dear Deputy Lieutenant (or their name)

In a speech preamble: Deputy Lieutenant, ladies and gentlemen

Conversation, on formal occasions: Deputy Lieutenant, followed thereafter by name / sir / madam

The Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadets in Shropshire
Foodbank in Shropshire

Additional Details

The use of established etiquette and protocol is put in place to allow all parties to know what is to be expected and to help events run smoothly. To aid in this, it is important to provide the Deputy Lieutenant with specific information ahead of attendance at events, including:

  • Exact date and time
  • If there is a dress code to observe
  • Where the provided parking space will be
  • Detailed information about the venue and event
  • If a speech is to be delivered (please include details)
  • Where the meeting point will be and who will be meeting the Deputy Lieutenant