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View over the Shropshire Hills

Request a Royal Visit

Inviting a member of the Royal Family to Shropshire

A Royal visit is a great honour that brings prestige and recognition to work being done in Shropshire.

Being visited either by The king or another member of the Royal Family is an excellent way to celebrate achievements and promote excellence, showing the strengths within Shropshire.

When could you request a Royal visit?

Occasions when you may feel it is appropriate to issue an invitation for a Royal visit include:

  • The launch of a new product or service
  • To celebrate a landmark achievement, such as 50 years in business
  • To highlight outstanding success
  • Promoting the work of a charity that has a Royal patron
  • The opening of a major new building
  • To mark a significant community event or occasion

Requests can either be submitted through the Lord-Lieutenant or made directly to Buckingham Palace.

All Royal visits are organised with the support of the Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire. As such, it is ideal if invitations are completed with the support of the Lord-Lieutenant, particularly considering the expertise available in organising a Royal visit. 

King Charles 111
King Charles 111
The Princess Royal officially opening the new RDA Cavalier Centre near Much Wenlock

How the Lord-Lieutenant can help request a Royal visit

It is possible to make a request for a visit from a specific member of the Royal Family when applying via the Lord-Lieutenant, who will also be able to advise you on the suitability of your choice.

Planning ahead is essential owing to the sheer volume of requests received. Invitations should be submitted one year in advance for a specific date or six months for a general request.

When issuing an invitation, be sure to be specific about why you believe your organisation would be ideal for a Royal visit.

As the number of requests for Royal visits far outstrip the number the Royal Family can make, for the best chances of success it is advised to make any requests with the assistance of the Lord-Lieutenant for Shropshire, so please do ask for help.

For help in requesting a Royal visit, please contact the Lord-Lieutenant’s Assistant Clerks.