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View over the Shropshire Hills

Vice Lord-Lieutenant Visit Protocol

Guidance for receiving the Vice Lord-Lieutenant


To uphold the dignity of the Monarch, it is important to follow an established protocol when the Vice Lord-Lieutenant Jenny Wynn DL attends events on behalf of the Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire.

Protocol guidelines

If the Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire is taking part in an official ceremony or occasion, such as an awards event or a procession, they should be given precedence over other guests.

The Vice Lord-Lieutenant should be met by a named person at a previously agreed time, taking their seat after all other guests and would usually be escorted for the duration of the visit.

Vice Lord-Lieutenant Jenny Wynn
Vice Lord-Lieutenant Jenny Wynn
Church in Ludlow Shropshire
View over Ludlow, Shropshire

Church services

The Vice Lord-Lieutenant should always be the last person to enter the church at an official service, taking their seat slightly ahead of the start of the service. The Vice Lord-Lieutenant would traditionally be given a seat on the front row of the church. Following protocol, the Vice Lord-Lieutenant should leave ahead of other guests and immediately after the clergy.


At a funeral it is accepted that the Vice Lord-Lieutenant will be seated at the front of the church, on the opposing side to family members. Following the funeral service, the Vice Lord-Lieutenant will leave the church immediately after the family.

Addressing the Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire

When addressing the Vice Lord-Lieutenant the accepted protocol is as follows:

On introduction: His Majesty’s Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire Jenny Wynn

In writing: His Majesty’s Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire Jenny Wynn DL

Salutation: Dear Vice Lord-Lieutenant

In a speech preamble: My Vice Lord-Lieutenant, ladies and gentlemen

Conversation, on formal occasions: Vice Lord-Lieutenant, followed thereafter by Jenny Wynn

Deputy Lieutenant Jenny Wynn
Vice Lord-Lieutenant, Jenny Wynn - Albrighton
Vice Lord-Lieutenant, Jenny Wynn

Necessary details

It is in the best interests of everyone if a clear outline of the day’s events is provided. This allows the host to feel confident in their approach and the Vice Lord-Lieutenant to know what to expect. Please give accurate details of:

  • Any dress code for the occasion
  • The time and date of the event
  • Where the Vice Lord-Lieutenant’s car should be parked
  • The venue
  • The host who will greet the Vice Lord-Lieutenant – along with information about the meeting point
  • If the Vice Lord-Lieutenant is due to give a speech, details of its requirements given in good time.