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Apply for a Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Recognising the achievements of businesses

Great achievements in business deserve top-level recognition. The Queen’s Award for Enterprise is the highest award for outstanding achievement in business.


This award specifically seeks to reward the qualities that lie at the heart of progressive organisations that push the country forwards and embrace a responsible approach to business.


To that end, the award can be given to companies that have forged new pathways through innovation, made a contribution to international trade, demonstrated sustainable development, or have opened up opportunities by promoting social mobility.

Queen’s Award for Enterprise
Anna Turner with Queen's Awards for Enterprise winner Prototypes
Anna Turner and Protolabs' European VP and MD Bjoern Klass with the Queen's Award for Enterprise

What are the benefits of receiving a Queen’s Award for Enterprise?

The award serves as a quality mark that allows companies to demonstrate high-level recognition, flying The Queen’s Award flag and carrying the mark on promotional literature and product packaging.

On receipt of The Queen’s Award for Enterprise, winners will be presented with the award at their premises by the Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire and invited to a Royal reception. In addition, the company will receive a Grant of Appointment certificate and a trophy.

Lasting for five years, The Queen’s Award for Enterprise offers a unique promotional opportunity, delivers a boost to staff morale, and can bring increased recognition and an associated rise in value.

Any business or not-for-profit organisation that is based in the United Kingdom can apply for the award as long as they have at least two full-time employees (or equivalent), submit returns to HM Revenue and Customs, and show a commitment to social responsibility.

The awards are broken down into sectors to recognise innovation, international trade, sustainable development, and promoting opportunity through social development.

Which companies can apply for a Queen’s Award for Enterprise?

The awards seek to reward those companies showing excellence in everything they do.

Your company could be eligible for a Queen’s Award for Enterprise if it has: seen significant, documented, growth in overseas trade; has a genuinely innovative and viable product; can demonstrate positive outcomes from sustainable development; or has proven examples of opening up opportunities through social mobility.

A strong application will show a commitment to good practices across the board, alongside providing evidence of achievements and a blueprint for future success.

Lord lieutenant at Queen's Awards for Enterprise winner Protolabs' HQ.
Lord-Lieutenant on a tour of Queen's Award for Enterprise winner Protolabs' HQ
Lord-Lieutenant chats to Queen's Award for Enterprise winner Protolabs' staff.

The benefits of receiving a Queen’s Award for Enterprise

From previous winners of the awards 77% have reported that winning The Queen’s Award for Enterprise increased the commercial value of their company, while 73% enjoyed greater press coverage and employee engagement.

A number of businesses in Shropshire have previously been recognised with the award, including Protolabs of Telford and Orchard Valley Foods of Tenbury Wells.

Make sure you fully recognise the achievements of your company by applying to be considered for The Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

For help in submitting an application for a Queen’s Award for Enterprise please contact the Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire.


Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2021 application