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View over the Shropshire Hills


Recognising hard work, success and innovation in Shropshire

The Shropshire Lieutenancy is committed to supporting and promoting the activities, industry and people of the county.

As Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire, I work as an ambassador to recognise hard work, success and innovation in Shropshire.

On the basis that success raises aspirations, I continually work towards achieving extra recognition through honours and awards, which in turn fuels industry, innovation and community commitment.

To achieve this, I strive to encourage those who live, work and volunteer in our very special, beautiful county by showing and encouraging appreciation for all of the good work being done.

The position of Lord-Lieutenant is non-political (which counts me out of campaigning for elections) and is also unpaid.

Anna Turner and Bjoern Klass (European VP and MD for Protolabs
Food Hub celebrations in February 2019.

How does the Lord-Lieutenant support local organisations?

By visiting community groups, businesses, and charities as Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire, I help to raise the profile of achievements and encourage royal recognition for the organisations I visit.

Recognising and maintaining success is an important part of the Lord-Lieutenant’s role. As the Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire, I will help organisations maintain an awareness of relevant awards that offer royal recognition, and offer assistance in the application process. 

I will also support firms and organisations that have something worthy of commendation and who may wish to invite a member of the Royal Family to make a visit.

The Shropshire Lieutenancy

Communities work better when they work together, and this is reflected in the Shropshire Lieutenancy.

In my role as Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire, I am supported by the Vice Lord-Lieutenant and a further 29 deputy lieutenants. It is an honour to be appointed as a Deputy Lieutenant and they have all shown a propensity to work for the benefit of others in the county. They are geographically well spread across the county and so there is someone with in-depth knowledge of all areas. 

Integral to the efficiency of the Shropshire Lieutenancy is the Clerk to the Lieutenancy and two assistant clerks, who are based at Shropshire Council, in The Shirehall, and will be the first point of contact for many people.

I am also delighted that the Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire is able to recognise the commitment of a group of dedicated young people who are asked to serve as the Lord-Lieutenant’s cadets

Ironbridge in Shropshire