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View over the Shropshire Hills

The Vice Lord-Lieutenant

Colonel Mark Cuthbert-Brown was appointed as Her Majesty’s Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire in 2017

Mark’s choice of career was shaped by membership of a cadet force and the service in WW2 of both his parents and all their siblings. Joining the Royal Military Police from Sandhurst in 1977, his early postings were to Belfast, Londonderry and Berlin. Starting the 1980s with command of an infantry platoon in Northern Ireland, he then spent two years each at the RMP Training Centre in Chichester, the US Army MP School in Alabama and the Royal Military Academy. Command of the MP Company in Catterick preceded staff training at Camberley and a tour in the MOD. Two years on a part-time MBA at Cranfield overlapped his command of London District Provost Company and six months on the Joint Service Defence Course.


Command of a third Provost Company came next; this in Hohne Garrison, the base of the guard force that had once manned the concentration camp at Belsen, a formative milestone Mark first saw as a cadet. From there, he deployed to Rwanda in the traumatised and sometimes violent months immediately following its genocide. This tour brought him a Queen’s Commendation for Bravery.


Mark then oversaw the formation of a new regiment and its deployment to Bosnia following the UN to NATO transition. His next tour had him managing a £140M annual budget in the Army’s personnel policy area. As a Colonel, Mark served as Provost Marshal of the UK-led international Allied Rapid Reaction Corps in Rheindahlen before three years heading regional administration of personnel and infrastructure from Copthorne Barracks and then joining an American team attempting to reform capability within Iraq’s Ministry of the Interior. His penultimate posting was to Osnabrück Garrison in Germany, fully manned and the home of a deployable Brigade when he arrived. While supporting deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, he managed closure of all barrack facilities and their handover to German authorities. His final military appointment was that of Commandant of the Royal Military School of Music and Director of the Corps of Army Music.


Married to Jayne, an IT manager in Telford, Mark enjoys the antics of his seven grandchildren (including two sets of twin boys) and five lively spaniels.

Vice Lord-Lieutenant Mark Cuthbert-Brown