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View over the Shropshire Hills

Royal Garden Parties 2024

Royal Garden Parties 2024

Over the course of each year, over 30,000 guests are invited to spend a relaxed summer afternoon in the beautiful gardens of Buckingham Palace or the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Garden Parties are an important way for members of the Royal Family to speak to a broad range of people from all walks of life, all of whom have made a positive impact in their community. 

Throughout the country, a long established network of sponsors is used to invite guests, who include Lord-Lieutenants, Societies and Associations, Government Departments, Local Government, the Services, the Church and other Faiths.  They nominate guests for invitation and hope in this way to achieve a representative cross section of the community.  

On the day of the Garden Party, the Palace gates are open from around 3pm. The Party officially begins when Members of the Royal Family enter the garden at 4pm, when the National Anthem is played by one of the two military bands present.

While the bands continue to play a selection of music, Members of the Royal Family circulate among the guests through ‘lanes’. Each takes a different route and random presentations are made so that everyone has an equal chance of speaking to a Member of the Royal Family. Members of the Royal family then arrive at the Royal Tea Tent, where they meets further guests. Guests are free to eat, drink and stroll around the beautiful Palace gardens.

This year Garden Parties take place on 8th & 21st May with guests being invited from across Shropshire.

The King hosted the debut Garden Party of the season with Queen Camilla by his side. Other senior working royals also attended, including Prince Edward, Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh, Princess Anne, and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

Buckingham Palace Garden Party 2024
Alan & Patsy Chinnock
Shropshire Residents at Buckingham Palace Garden Party 2024
Josh Dicken & Shane Breeze